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Chilliwack Airport | November 15, 2018
Within the past two years, the Chilliwack Airport economy has expanded with the addition of new businesses creating new jobs

Congratulations to the Chilliwack Flight fest committee for a successful Airshow and dance this past Fall. Magnum wishes to thank the City of Chilliwack for its support and to Ray, Donna and Kelsey Firkus and all the volunteers of which without their tireless effort this event would not take place. We look forward to the 2019 Airshow!

Within the past two years, the Chilliwack Airport economy has expanded with the addition of new businesses creating new jobs and further expansion of some of the existing businesses, all working within the climate of a Transport Canada compliant and certified airport setting.

BRC Aviation president and CEO Zrinko Amerl states” We are pleased to announce that we have opened our operations in a brand-new hangar at Chilliwack Airport” and continues, “with enough space to work on six different aircraft, our new space will be a great main location for our build center.” They are located at 8421 Lockheed Place

Joinair Helicopters Inc., Flight Training Center has also joined the aviation group of businesses at the airport. It is located at 8409 Lockheed Place providing the addition of a flight training school for helicopter pilots.

Seatech Industries, owned and operated by David Clarke, has opened its doors at Chilliwack, providing specialized aircraft float repair and rebuilding. They have been in business at CYCW for over a year and looking to expand due to demand for their specialized service, employing four to six staff.

Lubrico Helicopters had announced their Grand Opening last December with their beautiful A-Star Airbus Helicopter. They are providing charter service, Short haul flights and workplace transportation.

Upper Valley Aviation who has been at the airport for many years, has expanded and aquired another large hangar building late last year. This accommodates a new Charter enterprise opening soon, utilizing a Beech 200 King Air. Chilliwack Air Services is a joint venture between Upper Valley Aviation and Lubrico Helicopters. This aircraft flies at approximately 300 mph, getting you where you need to be , quickly.

In the fall of this year, Zlin Bushplanes Canada, a new local company, is expecting their first aircraft to arrive from the Czech republic. The aircraft called the Shock Cub has remarkable slow flight characteristics and is receiving world wide attention. Alex Landolt owner states” Chilliwack will be the base for this B.C., Alberta and Yukon sales dealership”, opening a sales office in the main terminal upon the arrival of the first aircraft. This business is affiliated with another outdoor recreational business, Chilcotin Flyers. Their land operations are soon to be located at Chilliwack Airport in addition to providing wilderness adventures in the Chilcotin Wilderness Lake areas.

E.A.Structures,  a long term resident business at the airport providing structure repairs has also expanded its footprint at Chilliwack Airport. It has purchased additional parking space, provided through the last construction phase of Westgate Hangars, to accommodate the larger type of aircraft that it is servicing, such as the Dornier pictured above.

Westgate Hangars has completed the final phase of construction on the Chilliwack Aviation Park property. This last phase offers high quality large box hangars for purchase along with additional exclusive parking spaces. The six new insulated and heated hangars are a welcomed addition to the lack of available hangar inventory at the airport. Two of the six hangars were sold prior to completion along with two of the six parking spaces. “I anticipate that aviation park will be at full occupancy very soon” states Keith Hodsall, Administrator.  

With the addition of new businesses and the need to plan for future expansion possibilities, “Magnum has entered into an agreement with S.N.C. Lavalin, one of the top three design engineering firms globally to provide consulting, engineering and project planning for new infrastructure to support the business expansion and the new requirements of Transport Canada” states Magnum General Manager Garry Atkins. Our offices are open Monday to Friday. Visitors and inquiries are welcomed.

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