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October 31, 2016

Who pays for airport operations?
Prior to the City of Chilliwack issuing a contract to Magnum Management in 1998 the City had to use taxpayer dollars to subsidize the Chilliwack Airport operations. Since 1998 the taxpayers of Chilliwack have paid zero dollars in operating costs. This is a good deal for the City and the taxpayers in the City.


How much does it cost to lease space on the Airport?
All lease rates vary. Here is an example of what one tenant has been paying:

$2,574.00 per year ($214.00 per month) for a land lease of 9,640 square feet, which is equivalent to roughly a quarter of an acre. On this land is a hanger, a business (commercial) and full time residence. We are unaware of anyone anywhere in Chilliwack paying such a small amount for land that provides commercial premises, a residential premise, and a hanger. The increase, which was due in June of 2013 under the sub-lease, went from $195.00 per month to $214.00 per month. This is an increase of 9 percent, which was agreed upon by each party.


Have there been any lease disputes?

From October of 2013 to date, there is only one outstanding arbitration for a rent increase, due in 2014, and one legal action involving a lease dispute. The legal action was started by a sub-tenant who contests the direction not to park aircraft within the federally regulated taxiway strip.


Magnum follows all the terms of the sub-leases and has never improperly raised any rent. There has never been anything conducted illegally.


Can I be banned from the airport?

Only people who pose safety hazards are banned from the Airport as a last resort. To date, one person, who is also a pilot, has been banned from being on the flying side of the Airport- unless this person is attending the commercial aircraft of his employer. This decision was made after numerous safety violations were made by this person. One example: Walking out onto an active runway to take pictures. Safety applies to everyone.


Is there any space available?

The Airport is at full occupancy.  All hangers are occupied and two private hangers are listed with Remax for sale. One hanger for sale is a “tough” sale, as the inside of the hanger has been modified with offices and a mezzanine such that an aircraft of average size cannot fit, or be parked inside of it.


Have any businesses left the airport?

No businesses have left the airport in the past two years. In fact, Magnum has welcomed an additional new business to the airport last month. There have been inquiries for a scheduled Airline wishing to locate here. Furthermore, one of the anchor tenants is about to begin construction of a new row of hangers to meet the current demands.


Is there aircraft parking available?

We have a wait list of people wanting aircraft parking spots. To date none are available.


What about stunt flying?
All stunt flying over the Airport has never been deemed unsafe by Transport Canada. Pilots wishing to do so must obtain a special permit from Transport Canada. Magnum is responsible for all ground activity. Transport Canada is solely responsible for all flying activities.


What about accountability?

Magnum Management is accountable to the City of Chilliwack through obligations established under the head lease between the two parties.


Is the airport safe and compliant?
The Airport is compliant with all safety and regulatory requirement of Transport Canada. No safety report has been received by Magnum Management for the Safety Management System (SMS) since September 2015.


What has Magnum done to improve the Airport since taking over?

- Prior to October of 2013 corn was grown to a height of 7-8 feet on airport lands along the side and ends of the runway. Long grass is much safer in the event an aircraft comes in contact with it.

- We responded to, and cleared up, approximately 17 inherited outstanding issues with Transport Canada.

- Cleaned up the airport in general.

- Removed non-permitted buildings.

- Brought most leases into compliance with City bylaws.

- Brought most tenants up to Transport Canada regulations.

- Addressed safety concerns such as filling the ditch on the east end south side of the runway. The City of Chilliwack and the Province of BC funded the project. The City tendered the project, and the City and Magnum managed the project to completion.

- Runways and taxiways repainted and crack sealed for the first time in decades.

- Installed equipment to turn off the runway lights when not in use. These lights can be re-activated by pilots when necessary. This saves energy.

- Hired an impartial facilitator to communicate between tenants and management.


Magnum Management's Executive Team
Accountable Executive:

Bryan Kirkness, BA, over 25 years experience in dealing with Transport Canada, private pilot who has flown various aircraft in Canada and internationally, CEO of the Kirkness Group of companies.


Airport Manager:

Garry Atkins, was the Senior Deputy Sheriff Execution Specialist for Sheriff Services, Province of BC, a past instructor at the Justice Institute of BC for Sheriff Services, a past approved Basic Security Training Instructor for the Police Academy at the Justice Institute of BC, a past owner of a private company with over 20 staff and 6 offices, currently an ad-hoc Senior Consultant for HSSBC, Province of BC, providing Safety Training and Consultation services. Garry is a private pilot and has flown various types of aircraft.

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